Feeling - pissy
Viewing - candy land
Word of the Moment - =^ . ^= RAWR!!!!!
i have a new sis sitey!! her name is sarah. im in a bad mood...dunno why tho...
im gonna see my 2 best frens tomarrow for the first time all summer!! yay!!
im not in the mood to write too much right now. i havent been online for awhile...im back tho.
well g2g.
cupcake scribbled at 2:57 pm


Wearing: Orange spaghetti strap shirt with my green plaid pajama pants.
Hair: Half up and half down
Feeling: KEWL!
Listening To: The t.v. *lol*
I just got back like 2 hours ago from shopping!!!!!!!!! *WHOO HOO* *Heehee* I got these cute shoes, a pair of khaki L.E.I. pants, a cute baby blue t-shirt, a MUDD jeans backpack, and a kiot belt! Oh yea, and some skewl supplies *lol* I luv my new backpack its so kiot! *Heehee* I can't wait for skewl to start again! *YAY* *lol* I was like naggin my dad ALL DAY, I was like "I need to get a backpack today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *lol* Well, I'm so tired so I'm just gonna go to bed!!!!!!!
Suey *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*D* @ 11:11 PM...*MUAH*
Feeling - ok
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Word of the Moment - grrr...
i got my first gift today!! thank u suey *hugs* its so nice!! i'd make u one but- stupid me- i dunno how to email it to u!!
i feel bad =( i put sueys gift on a new page for *duh* gifties!
i luff my new shoes i got on friday. they're almost all white but they are soo cyoot!!
they have a lil camo stripe on tha side =9 i luff them muches! and they're a size 10!! my feet are too big *boo*
well buh-bye.
cupcake scribbled at 11:20 am


Wearing: White spaghetti strap shirt with Mudd khakis with a army camouflage belt.
Hair: Half up and half down *lol*
Feeling: Happy/Cheerful
Listening To: Nuttin'
*YAY* I got back like an hour ago and got some cute pants!! *HeeHee* Their L.E.I. corderoy jeans. I luv them! They come with the cutest belt! *HeeHee* The belt has like little square spikes, their so cute. I got them at one of those "Bob's Stores" *lol* I still need to shop for some skewl supplies! *lol* I also need a new backpack. I got my teacher today and I don't like it!! Like NO ONE I know is in my class! *Tear* *lol* Oh well, I can cope, cuz I'm WAY popular and stuff. *lol* *YEAH RIGHT?* *lol* Ok, well gotta go chill with some budz! :o)
Suey *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*D* @ 10:39 PM...*MUAH*
Feeling - happy!!
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Word of the Moment - bouncy-boink
hello. im back! i saw rush hour 2 yesturday and i went skewl shopping today! finally! most of the stuff was on sale.
i got new earrings too. im tired. we were shopping for like 4 hours. i got these really cyoot shoes from some place called the weather vane. i luv em!
well not much going on anymore...bye!
cupcake scribbled at 2:46 pm


Wearing: A black spaghetti strap shirt with denim shorts.
Hair: Down
Feeling: Kewl, I got the AC on! *lol*
Listening To: My friends BIG mouth *lol*
Hiya ya'll!!!! My friend is being VERY annoying!!!!!!!!! She's reading all my blog entries and making fun of them *lol* W-I-E-R-D-O!!! WIERDO!! *lol* Okayz, she needs to go to a mental institute or something. *HeeHee* What a retard....no comment...*Smirk* Anywayz, just went to the butterfly garden, and that's about it! I wonder where Cupcake is. I haven't heard from her ALL day!!!
Suey *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*D* @ 6:12 PM...*MUAH*


Wearing: Black/gray/white spaghetti strap shirt with denim shorts.
Hair: Down
Feeling: BLAH
Listening To: Nothin'
It's ok Cupcake!!! *LOL* Geocities is kinda hard anywayz. Well, did absolutely NOTHING today! *BLAH* Updated my website and that's basically it! I'm going skewl shopping this weekend tho. *Smile* AHHH!!! Someone's @ the door. Well I g2g anywayz, sorry I didn't write that much today!!! *Tear* *lol*
Suey *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*D* @ 4:06 PM...*MUAH*
Feeling - ok
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Word of the Moment - piff
I guess we're back on blogger now!! i had problems w/ geocities. too bad tho cos it looked better than this one. sorry suey!!
Anyway, i just went horseback riding 21 min. ago. Its pretty cool.My horse's name is Nikalos.
Not much else...but my site is kinda undergoing renovation but its still open.im not chamging the layout yet, but im adding a bunch of things and making some changes.It should be done soon tho and remember its STILL open =9
cupcake scribbled at 9:26 am


Wearing: Green tie dyed spaghetti strap shirt
Hair: Down
Feeling: Bored as heck!
Listening To: "The Little Things" by Good Charlotte
OKAYZ! Thx to Cupcake our blog is opened! My day has been so B-O-R-I-N-G! lol, like alwayz...blah. Skewl starts on September 5 and I'll be in 8th grade! WHOO HOO! Finally at the final grade, then it's High Skewl! I can't wait...heehee. I just like got back from the mall a hour ago. Bought some kewlioz clothing...heehee. lol, sry..I'm really energetic for some reason right now. ;o) Well, I gotta go! Someone is on the phone for meh!
Suey *S*P*A*R*K*L*E*D* @ 12:54 PM...*MUAH*
Feeling - bored
Viewing - Aero Princess
Word of the Moment - blahhhh
Yay! The blog is finally open!! There's not much for me to say, tho cos my day has benn, well, ummm...pretty boring.
I still have to go school shopping. All i have so far is 1 cyoot lil tee!! That's it tho.It has curious george on it and it says little monkey.
I need a backpack,jeans,shirts...oh jeez, i need all that crap and i have about a month left.To make matters worse, im going to an all new school.Well, it's definitly better than my old school!! Bye 4 now!!
cupcake scribbled at 12:24 pm